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Located in Plano, Texas, The Artist Within specializes in instruction for children and special needs students, and includes general classes for all ages interested in broadening their horizons in art appreciation. The Artist Within is owned and operated by Dawn Petty, who has been working as an artist in the Dallas area for twenty years.


Dawn has been involved in many exhibitions and has contributed artwork on request for auction to a number of charities and school programs, including the Shelton School, the Animal Rehabilition Center, and most recently to the Dallas Children's Museum.


Profiled in "D" magazine as a local artist of interest, Dawn has work hanging in several collections in New York, Washington D.C., Arizona and Texas. In addition to murals painted in Dallas and surrounding cities, she works in oils, watercolors, clay and other sculpture and painting media. She is also currently involved with the innovative Art*o*mat. Visit Dawn's art site!


Email the studio or call (972) 596-6077 for more information.


Dawn recognizes that being a good artist is not only about technique, but about passion and effort. She knows how to not only nurture talent, but to nurture her students' pride in the process of creating art.
- - Allison Schwartz

See Dawn's work:

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Visit the Art*o*mat!