Artist Within



Friends and Artists

Bonnie Martin Designs

Cera Deibel

Dawn Petty

Denise Reily (Zone 8 Landscapes)

Quincy Wakefield

Lone Star Mobile Welding



Dawn Petty is represented by Xanadu Gallery


Groovy Art

Art*o*mat - now with online store!

Austin Artist Co-op

Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass


Local Art Action

Late Nights at the DMA


Do Some Good

Kid's Earth Vision

One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History


Website Design

Sharon Marek at Good Idea Studio


Email the studio or call (972) 596-6077 for more information.


This is the best art class, everybody should come here. I have learned about many artists and this place is advanced and good. Nothing sucks.
- Alex Baum (age 9)

Play Free Rice (choose from 6 subject areas) and get food to people that need it!
is a portfolio site for the professional work of some of our students.